Friday, 7 March 2014

Call for Venues and Submissions

Hi, My name's Gillian. Also known as Misssy M. I'm a creative type, I'm also a yes voter. I'm a member of National Collective, which is a huge group of creative folks who want Scottish independence and I want to get out there and start talking to people about independence. I'm not a politician, I don't belong to any party and I don't have a mainstream media outlet to talk to people. I just make things and want my country to run its own affairs. 

This summer Scotland is going to be thrumming with people like me doing creative things for independence. And I'd like to tell you what we've got planned. Myself and some artist pals are working on pieces of art that have been inspired by the debate around independence. There's about ten of us at the moment, but we want you to join in. Our plan is to take our art exhibition, Aye Inspired anywhere that will have us in the North East of Scotland. And even further afield if we can get the means to do it.

I need two things- art and sympathetic venues.

Are you an artist who would like to submit an independence inspired piece of work? Get in touch via that contact us form at the bottom of the page. We'd love to hear from you. We're looking for work to be ready to exhibit from July.

Are you a gallery, venue, cafe, pub, village hall, castle, boatshed, cinema, arts venue, theatre OR anywhere where we can show art and have the public come in and look at it and talk to us? We're based in Aberdeenshire and we'd consider anywhere suitable for our traveling exhibition. Get in touch via that contact us form at the bottom of the page. We'd love to hear from you just as much.

And if you haven't got a venue, aren't an artist but want to help us make it happen why not donate a few bawbees. Everything we crowdsource will be used to hire venues, buy materials, get publicity material printed and facilitate any traveling the exhibition does. There's a donate button on the right. Thanks to all the wonderful people who have done so already.

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